Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I guess National Novel Writing Month is officially here! And how many pages have I gotten? None! yay! the more I try to write something new, the more I add on to my old story... of course, my old story consisted of a single page... Would anybody mind overmuch if I just count the pages I add to that, instead of starting a new one? Now that I'm supposed to be working on something else, I've found my writer's block is completely gone reguarding that one story. I wrote ten pages in two days when I usually have trouble completeing a paragraph! Urgg.
Anybody else who's doing the challenge (which is all of what? three, four people?) having similar problems?

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Kir said...

Hi Munin,

As I said in the hall, no problem with me if you continue an existing story. It's your contest. Make it what you will.
I'm doing all right on mine. 32 pages so far, interesting characters. Just not sure if it's a very good novel. I don't feel a great sense of pride in it.
But still, I'm plugging along. And it might get better...
Heck, I'll try to be positive here. It WILL get better.