Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sorry I haven't posted anything like I said I would from my creative writing class we aren't doing fiction till the end of the semester we just got done with the poetry section and we are starting Creative Non-Fiction yuck i'm not a big fan. Anyways even though I'm not much of a poet at all I thought I would post two of my least terrible poems to see what you think keep in mind my main goal and the main goal the professor emphasized was to hit an emotion *WARNING* they may contain some adult or disturbing images and other work I post may as well they don't care about potentially disturbing people some I hear even encourage it. Oh and I'm sorry about the formating I don't know what I can do to fix it

The Death of Laughter

The laughter of children playing

is a glorious sound.

It fills me with a warm

glowing radiance. I can’t help,

but to smile and laugh

especially when it’s my own son.

My own flesh.

I can’t resist that laughs power

nothing can match it.

Seeing him ride his Red Bike

on his own for the first time,

a smile stretched across his face, and

with laughter in his heart.

Riding past the big oak tree I used to ride past

I will never forget that image

moments before his laughter was silenced.

The Green Car sped by

and I looked away for a moment.

A robin sat on a limb of the big oak tree

It suddenly flew away startled

by a sharp sound.

I turned and the Green Car

was casually driving away.

I’ll never know who

that driver was or why

they drove away.

A crumpled tangled red mass

laid in the middle of the road.

I ran towards it,

my heart pounding,

I saw nothing but shades of red

the shades of red, bright

and dark, mixing together.

I picked up his crumpled and broken body

and I ran, but I could barely see.

I buried my head into his chest

I can’t stop from screaming

And I realize that all laughter has died.

That One Day in Summer

That one day in summer

when we went swimming at the lake.

Do you remember?

The sun was setting,

those purple and orange colors

reflecting on the water,

and you were wearing that blue bikini.

You know the one.

I just swam in the cool water cracking jokes

out of nervousness while I watched you

sitting on the dock

I told myself today would be the day,

now was the time,

there was no more waiting.

I would finally say what I had meant

to say for years.

But I didn’t.

I just watched you talking to that other guy

That other guy with the red shorts and the smirk

and I pushed my feelings deeper.

That’s when I first realized

I didn’t deserve you.